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Care Instructions

All of our jewelry items are handcrafted using the finest quality and genuine gemstones . All products are lead free . 

All silver  jewellery will eventually  tarnish over time but the gold/rhodium vermeil keeps the jewelry shiny . Storing your jewelry in Mahrukh Akuly Jewelry pouches and boxes is necessary as it protects the jewels from tarnishing, scratching and other damage . 

Please store jewelry in a dark place in room temperate and avoid sunlight and heat . Keep jewelry away from soaps, lotions, chemicals and perfumes . Jewelry can be cleaned with a dry soft cloth to avoid scratching .

Since natural gemstones are used each piece will be unique and that is the beauty of these gemstones , that no one piece will be exactly the same as another gem. 

Although normal wear and tear by user is natural,  we will repair any damaged items purchased from our website within 6 months (receipt /proof of purchase required). 

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Swarovski Waterfall Earrings

Swarovski Waterfall Earrings

Exclusive Swarovski waterfall earrings on solid silver with rhodium vermeil. Orders will take two to three weeks to deliver as this is a made to order item . 


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